G.D.Hurren landscapes Ltd Fencing

Fencing comes in many styles for various purposes. We pride ourselves in obtaining the highest standard of fencing, trellis and post materials for most types of fencing including:

  • Waney panels, very popular and great value for money
  • Feather edge panels, hard wearing and durable, but still attractive
  • Chain link, light and long lasting
  • Sussex pale, when you want that country look
  • Picket, decorative and popular for its attractive appearance
  • Post and rail, simple and effective

We can use a variety of posts including wooden concrete and metal with certain types.

Our posts are always concreted deep and firm, for a 6ft high panel we go down a minimum of 2ft deep in the ground, and with our wooden posts, which I prefer to use 4″ square, we have the concrete set slightly proud of the soil and sloping away from the post. This prevents the wood sitting in water or against damp soil so greatly improves the posts live span.

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